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Blasphemy (Angry Mob of 4000-5000) burnt Christian Homes

Mar, 9 2013 
Lahore an angry mob of 4,000 – 5,000 people attacked and burned over 100 houses of Christian community mob on Saturday around 8 am to 3 pm in Joseph Colony, Badami bagh area Lahore over an alleged blasphemy case.
The resident belonging to Christian community, including women and children, fled their homes to avoid being attacked.
Mob who was full of belligerence burned their houses and household things. They pelted police officials with stones and injured many including SSP operation Suhail Sukhera and SHO Badami Bagh.
Police have arrested the accused of blasphemy law, Savan MASIH alia Bubby, and shifted him to undisclosed location after Imran, a local barber accused him of blasphemy.
Police registered an FIR no 112/13 under section 295-C against the accused. SHO Badami Bagh Hafiz Abdul Majid told to a preliminary investigation showed that Imran has falsely accused Savan of blasphemy.
Savan’s father Chander MASIH also denied that his son had not committed blasphemy.